If your computer loads slowly, please wait, they are great photos and well worth the wait.  You will not regret it, I promise....
1R - Bo & Demon SMALL.JPG (5829 bytes)
Leybourne's Black Demon -1976/1988
OFA Excellent
Son of Legend, West Coast GV Ch. Caralon's Phantom v Lebarland
Known by many experts as the greatest black dog ever created.
With good friend Bo Derek.  I always teased Bo that my Demon was the only "10" male she would ever meet!!

"Leybourne's Madonna"
- 1992
OFA "Good"
A Doc Med/Farron Daughter
Playing Football

"Leybourne's Troy Built" - 1990/2002
OFA "Good"
"Von Saar’s Main Event/Leybourne’s Brooke Shields"
jumping the dog bone jump

"Von Saar's Main Event" 1986/1997
OFA "Good"
Ch.Heartbreaker of Bob-Lyn/Von Saar's Sillouette Son

Clipper N 1 - Internet.JPG (4930 bytes)
"Mari-Fiori's Eclipse" - 1995
OFA "Fair"
Am Can Ch.Winning Ways of Chimo/GV Am. Can Ch. Mari-Fiori's Ruffian of Judeen

Duke - May 99 - SMALL.jpg (6865 bytes)
"Merania Duke Lacomtessa" - 1998
Ch. Cyropat Lacomtessa Quadro/Ch. Boukades Black Beauty CDX
Photo at 1 Year 4 Months Old

"Leybourne's Phantom Sierra" 1986/1998
OFA "Good"
A Kipp/Roses Son
with friend Justine

"Leybourne's Troy Built" 1990/2002
OFA "Good"
"Von Saar’s Main Event/Leybourne’s Brooke Shields"
walking the walk

"Von Saar's Monogram" 1988
OFA "Excellent"

The future "Leybourne's Sean Connery" 1995
OFA "Good"
with Andre, visitor from England
Sean - SMALLjpg.jpg (12478 bytes)
"Leybourne’s Sean Connery" 1995
OFA "Good"
"Von Saar’s Main Event
/Leybourne’s Brooke Shields"

Lisa - SMALL.jpg (5771 bytes)
"Leybourne's Lisa Hartman" 1995
OFA "Good"
"Von Saar’s Main Event/Leybourne’s Brooke Shields"
Sean, Dian & Dale's Litter Sister

1R - Dian Cannon - SMALLJPG.JPG (4867 bytes)
"Leybourne's Dian Cannon" 1995
OFA "Excellent"
Sean, Lisa & Dale's Litter Sister
The best female I ever made...
"Von Saar’s Main Event/Leybourne’s Brooke Shields"

"Leybourne’s Dale Robertson" 1995
OFA "Excellent"
Lisa, Dian & Sean’s Litter Mate
The best I ever made...
"Von Saar’s Main Event/Leybourne’s Brooke Shields"
1R - Brooke 12 Jane - SMALL.JPG (6638 bytes)
"Leybourne’s Brooke Shields" 1986/1998
OFA "Good"
Kipp/Raisen Daughter
This photo taken was taken September 1998 with very special friend Jane.  Brooke was and always will be my

"Perfection Remembered" October 8, 1986 to September 30, 1998
Read Brooke's Story "Perfection Remembered" - Page One
Brooke's Story - Page Two
Dam of:
Leybourne’s Troy Built
Leybourne’s Sean Connery
Leybourne’s Dale Robertson
Leybourne’s Hayley Mills
Leybourne’s Meg Ryan
Leybourne’s Crystal Gayle
and so many more of the top producers...
1R - Sela Ward - SMALL.JPG (4578 bytes)
Leybourne's Sela Ward 1995
OFA "Good"
Sela is a Phantom/Goldie Daughter

1R - Rachel Hunter - SMALL.JPG (4192 bytes)
Leybourne's Rachel Hunter 1997
OFA "Good"
Rachel is a Von Nassau's Libro/Paul Abdul Daughter {Phantom/Cinderella Daughter]
Photo taken at 1 year old
Peter 9 months - SMALL.jpg (14294 bytes)
"Leybourne's Peter Built" 1998
Troy's last born son - photo at 8 months - WOW!

"Leybourne's Peter Built" 1998 

OFA "Good"
Bilt Boy at 3 Years of Age

The Dog Walker

The Bitch Hitch

Shepherd's of Leybourne Practices Safe & Happy Sex!

"Von Nassau’s Libro" 1995
OFA "Good"
Son of the 1995 Grand Victor "SPENCER"

"A royal flush in spades - The Poker Game" - Xmas 1982

"Leaving Los Angeles" - August 1983

"The Christmas present" - Xmas 1983

"The Christmas Beach Party" - Xmas 1984

'Twas the night before Christmas story' - Xmas 1985

"Christmas dinner with Santa" - Xmas 1989

"Santa leaving after filling Christmas stockings with pups," - Xmas 1990
Bear Kitty Hodges (in 1996 - 20 years young) inspecting the treasures...
1R - Bear Kitty Hodges Goodbye -SMALL.JPG (3221 bytes)
Goodbye Dear Dear Friend 1976/1998
Bear Kitty Hodges one hour before he left to go to that special place - Troy is saying goodbye to his brother who was almost 23 years young - He was a wonder, maybe the 8th of the world, as those who knew him understood.

"The Christmas Wreath" - Xmas 1991

"Santa's hangover" - New Year's Party - Xmas 1992

"Look, Santa’s leaving!" - Xmas 1993

"I saw Daddy kissing Santa under the Mistletoe last night" - Xmas 1994

"You want what for Christmas?" - Xmas 1995

"The Shepherd’s of Leybourne Tree" - Xmas 1996

1R - Xmas 1997 - SMALL.JPG (2641 bytes)
"Up On The Roof - Waiting For Santa to Return" - Xmas 1997
1R - Xmas 1998 - SMALL.JPG (3594 bytes)
"My Three Sons" - Xmas 1998
Read Brooke's very special Story - This photo was taken when she was 12 years young and one week before she went to Dog Heaven
2R - Xmas 99 - Small.JPG (17432 bytes)
"Trimming the Tree" - Xmas 1999

Troy Built & Baby Ashley

 Ashley crawled into Troy's House and then closed the door - it even made me nervous!  Troy was wonderful with her.  What a dog...

1R - Seeing Eye - SMALL.JPG (6721 bytes)
Leybourne's Tasha - 1992
This puppy was purchased and trained by the International Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  They thought Troy, this puppies sire, had all the qualities they look for in their puppies.
1R - Quincy Margie 1st Internet Sale - SMALL.JPG (4332 bytes)
Leybourne's Quincy Jones - 1995

A Bones/Whitney Houston Son
Owned and loved by Margie Scott of Canyon Country, California
1st Internet Sale
1R - Playday 1995 - SMALL.JPG (5068 bytes)
Playday Champion, Leybourne's Steve Bono 1989
Playday Reserve Champion, Leybourne's Troy Built 1990

1R - Jan & Shadow - SMALL.JPG (3500 bytes)
"Leybourne's Phantom Shadow" - 1992
A Phantom/Vixon son
Owned and loved by Jan Blackmore

1R - Training Class - SMALL.JPG (6989 bytes)
Training Class at Shepherd's of Leybourne 1986
1R - Patty's Boys - SMALL.JPG (2953 bytes)
Patty's Boys 1992

Owned & loved by Patty Yocum of Oceanside, California
Phantom/Oprah Son - They even answer the phone!!

1R - Kayla & Laura - SMALL.JPG (3802 bytes)
Leybourne's Kayla 1994
Owned & loved by Laura Mancuso and husband of Santa Barbara, California.
Kayla is a Troy/Bo Derek Daughter.  Laura is a professional photographer and I believe this photo was taken in New Mexico, but I could be wrong.
1R - James Garner - SMALL.JPG (3849 bytes)
Leybourne's James Garner 1984/1997
Demon/Maya Son
Owned and loved by Jill Madison, of  Denver, Colorado
1R - Lucky 4+ - SMALL.JPG (3350 bytes)
Leybourne's Lucky 1991

A Monogram/Cinderella son
Owned with a passion by ex-employee Mike O'Donnell whose last known address was somewhere in Oregon!  I took this photo this year while he was boarded here for a week, what a great dog, I think we were all hoping Mike would not pick him up!

1R - Bo & Puppy SMALL.JPG (3718 bytes)
"Bo and her new Puppy" 1984
A Demon/Lacy Son
This was John and Bo's second puppy

1R - Tucker & Scott - SMALL.JPG (4769 bytes)
Leybourne's Tucker - 1988
Doc Med/Elizabeth Taylor Son
Owned and loved by Scott Baio
This is the day that Scott fell in love!

1R - Scott with his Boys SMALL.JPG (4890 bytes)
Leybourne's Sharkey & Leybourne's Tucker - 1988

Litter Mates - Doc Med/Elizabeth Taylor Sons
First day home with our special father, Scott Baio
1R - Scott Pamela & The Boys SMALL.JPG (4236 bytes)

Leybourne's Sharkey & Leybourne's Tucker - 1988
Litter Mates - Doc Med/Elizabeth Taylor Sons
Scott with then girlfriend Pamela Anderson.  Scott took his parents on a special vacation to Italy, and would only leave his boys with me.

1R - Demon & Silver Kitty Hodges SMALL.JPG (2932 bytes)
"Leybourne's Black Demon" 1976/1987
OFA "Excellent"
The Legend Ch. Caralon's Phantom Son

"Hey, Good Looking Let - The Games Begin!"
Demon with Silver Kitty Hodges
1R - Tina Turner - SMALL.JPG (4342 bytes)
Leybourne's Tina Turner - 1992
Owned and Loved by John Walker of Monrovia, California
A Troy/Diana Ross Daughter

1R - Goldie - SMALL.JPG (5117 bytes)
Leybourne's Goldie Hawn - 1992
A Troy/Rose Daughter
Top Breeding Female, now living in retirement and sleeping on Mary Foremaster's bed.   Mary and Goldie live in Arroyo Grande, California.

1R - Ashley & Bob SMALL.JPG (6166 bytes)
"Leybourne's Ashley" 1994
Search & Rescue Dog - Owned and Loved by the Davis Family in Northern California.  Ashley is a Troy/Bo Derek Daughter
1R - Tasha Davis - SMALL.JPG (4738 bytes)

"Leybourne's Tasha" 1996
Owned & Really Loved by Bob & Linda Davis, Tasha was second of three dogs, she is also a Troy/Bo Derek Daughter
Linda sends me wonderful photos all the time - thank you for sharing.

1R - Lefty James - SMALL.JPG (5335 bytes)
"Leybourne's Lefty James" 1999
Loved and owned by Nancy James of Cambria, California
Lefty is a Clipper/Leybourne's Pamela Anderson Son
This is one I should have kept - Oh well!

1R - Dale & Christian - SMALL.JPG (4751 bytes)
"Leybourne's Dale Robertson" 1995
Christian & Dale - both OFA Excellent
"A Boy & His Dog" won BEST LOOKING  in Bishop, California's Local Photo Contest

1R - Dale Waiting - SMALLJPG.JPG (2986 bytes)
"Leybourne's Dale Robertson" 1995
OFA "Excellent"
Christian reading to Dale, Dale waiting to'Play Ball'!
1r - John & Karen - SMALL.JPG (4136 bytes)
"Leybourne's John Travolta" 1997
A Bruce Willis/Goldie Hawn Son
Karen Craffey Teaching John the Correct Way To Do Dishes!
1R - Alex & Friend - SMALL.JPG (4767 bytes)
"Leybourne's Axel" 1993
A Troy/Ali McGraw Son
Owned & loved by Chris & Kelly Toplarski of Monterey, California

2R - Alex Crate Cat - Small.JPG (9275 bytes)
"Leybourne's Axel" 1993
"We share 'our' sleeping quarters!!"
A Troy/Ali McGraw Son
Owned & loved by Chris & Kelly Toplarski of Monterey, California
1R - Cody Smith SMALL.JPG (3658 bytes)
"Leybourne's Buffalo Bill Cody" - 1997
Mikie/Bonnie Raitt Son
Owned and loved by Bruce & Eileen Smith of Ventura, California
1R - Cody Smith 1 SMALL.JPG (4910 bytes)
"Leybourne's Buffalo Bill Cody" - 1997
"Cody" with Bruce
Mikie/Bonnie Raitt Son

"Look Ma, I'm Dad's Little Helper"

"Leybourne's Bridget Fonda" 1997

A 4 month sable, Leybourne's Troy Built/Leybourne's Bo Derek
daughter who was mailed to Vero Beach, Florida

"Leybourne's Saba" 1997

A Troy/Vanity daughter, photo at 10 weeks
Internet sale to Philadelphia
Owned by Rich & Anita Halpern

"Leybourne's Lance Gordon"
1996 with his buddy!

A Troy/Vanity son.  Photograph at 7 weeks, owned by Douglas Gordon

"Leybourne's Mac Johnson"
1995 with his buddy!
A Mikie/Cinderella son
Photograph at 6 months, owned by Robert & Lei Johnson

"Leybourne's Shep"
- 1996
A Phantom/Demi Moore
with very proud owner Jim Doyle

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