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Pups Born FRIDAY: July 13th, 2001

 2 females still available

Leybourne's Scott Hamilton/Leybourne's Sharon Stone

Pups Born on August 15, 2001

  1 male, 1 female still available

Leybourne's Spencer Tracy/Leybourne's Jada Pinkett


Pups Born 10/20/01

1 females still available

Leybourne's Peter Bilt/Leybourne's Daryl Hannah



Leybourne's Julio Iglesias/Leybourne's Scarlett O'Hara

Pups Born January 15, 2002

2  Females Still Available

Leybourne's Peter Bilt/Leybourne's Reba McIntire

Pups Born 1/24/02

1 Male Still Available 


 Leybourne's Peter Bilt/Leybourne's Princess Carolyn

Finally, Pups born November 26, 2002

3 Females

Pups born 2-7-03

Leybourne's Peter Bilt/Leybourne's Jada Pinkett

 2 Females

Meg at 16 weeks


Pups Born June 7th, 2003

Leybourne's Scott Hamilton/Leybourne's Sami Brady


1 Boys/2 Girls

The 2 Boys & 5 Girls with pal Sage.


1 Females

Pups expected September 27, 2003

Leybourne's Spencer Tracy/Leybourne's Kelli Williams

Pups Expected October 29, 2003

Leybourne's George Clooney/Leybourne's Princess Carolyn

special homes needed

I occasionally have a few wonderful dogs at the age of retirement from active duty in the kennel.  These wonderful dogs are offered for a service fee of $100,and the agreement that they will be spayed.

special postings

viewing page

This section is for posting pictures for prospective buyers.  It will usually be blank.

For your entertainment

Meet my perfect boys  

Meet Peter Bilt, and son, George Clooney, born 10/10/00, On his birthday he  weighed 101 lbs. He has an outstanding personality, is so full of life, and is always happy.


               Troy Bilt, the Father                     Peter Bilt, the son           

George Clooney, the Grandson


George Clooney at 14 months - This exquisite dog gets better and better.  Taken Christmas Morning he was wet and muddy and still looks fabulous - and he is all mine!

                14 months                        20 months                   

On 10-10-02 Leybourne's George Clooney became 2 years old - time for X-rays.  George, to quote my vet, has the best hips he has ever seen and will be rated


I am so happy and proud of him.

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