This Photo was taken in 1996

"Click on the names below to individually view the dogs in the waterfall!"

W Leybourne's Troy Built 7 years
E Leybourne's Brooke Shields 10 years
L Leybourne's John Lennon 1 year
C Leybourne's Cricket 2 years
O Leybourne's Mel Gibson 2 years
M Leybourne's Kristie Alley 5 years
E Leybourne's Goldie Hawn 6 years
T Leybourne's Phantom Sierra 9 years
O Leybourne's Ali Mc Graw 6 years
S Leybourne's Joe Don Baker 2 years
H Leybourne's Bo Derek 5 years
E Leybourne's Sean Connery 1 year
P Leybourne's Grace Kelly 2 years
H Leybourne's Vanity 2 years
E Leybourne's Tiffany Lane 2 years
R Leybourne's Celine Dion 2 years
D Leybourne's Emmitt Smith 1 year
' Puff [Maltese Mix] 8 years
S Leybourne's John Wayne 1 year
O Leybourne's Cinderella 9 years
F Leybourne's Dale Robertson 1 year
L Leybourne's Rosie O'Donnell 1 year
E Leybourne's Adam West 1 year
Y Caralon's Oprah Win Leybourne 6 years
B Leybourne's Meg Ryan 2 years
O Leybourne's Bruce Willis 5 years
U Leybourne's Hayley Mills 2 years
R Leybourne's Shelly Long 2 years
N Leybourne's Dian Cannon 1 year
E Leybourne's Nicolas Cage 1 year

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